About Us

Wind turbine ventilators are used to substitute/ replace the existing powered / motorized exhaust fans. Running cost of motorized exhaust fans can be eliminated by implementing wind operated turbine ventilator which does NOT REQUIRE MOTOR, WIRING, OPERATION OR RUNNING COST!

Turbine ventilators which are light in weight can be mounted on to any existing industrial roofs with ducting without disturbing the existing structure. Wind ventilators work with the available normal wind speed.
Industries, emitting excessive heat can damage roof sheet. A cool attic turbine ventilator can vent much of these hot emissions and replace with the fresh air from outside, there by preserving the life of the roof.


Our wind turbo ventilators are rigorously tested to ensure durability and performance in extreme temperatures and high winds.

Our products carry 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. With continuous innovation, our research and development team has enabled us to improve our products from strength to strength. The turbine ventilators come with heat and friction resistant Teflon cap. The Teflon cap is for revolutionary free floating effect. Air movement lifts and separates the turbine from the central shaft, resulting in nearer friction free motion.

The turbine ventilators ducting parts like, throat adaptor, base adaptor and the base flange are made of tested stainless steel material to ensure structural strength. Our ventilators works on stainless steel Axial pin supported with wear resistant self lubricating thermo plastic bushes. Our ventilators are almost maintenance free and costing less than other ventilators.

Our Infrastructure

Qualified and experienced team of experts with state-of-the-art plant & machinery contribute to our infrastructure. Our pool of technicians includes professional design, manufacturing, testing & erection engineers.

Why Ventilate?

Effective ventilation is an important aspect of an industrial environment. Fresh air makes people feel more energetic and productive, while hot air causes people to be lethargic and exhausted. The ventilator prevents the people from heat stress. Turbo ventilators provide energy free cooling and fresh air through out the year. The system functions with unlimited energy source like wind energy, saving valuable electrical energy. Wind turbo ventilators operates at low wind speeds, unmanned, creating an upward draft which draws air out of the attic.